Forthcoming visit to the Europe, UK & USA

I have decided to come to Europe, UK & USA to show people, personally, how to use their CONSCIOUS BRAIN TO CONTROL THEIR WALKING AND OTHER MOVEMENTS!

This is because patients cannot understand what I mean when I describe it in my book, “Reverse Parkinson’s Disease”. I am busy making a video of all this, but I am under an obligation to Dr Norman Doidge not to release a video on what I do until the video made by his publisher of “The Brain’s Way of Healing” has been released to the public.

Everywhere I went in Australia and New Zealand recently, and in September and October of 2015 in England and Amsterdam, I was able to show everybody who was brave enough to let me show them. There were many others who did not ask me to show them or volunteer to do so. This must amount to well over 150 people by now. There were no failures.

I am sure that everybody who shuffles and/or freezes is immediately able to walk properly, even people in wheelchairs, providing they are still able to stand up on their own legs; but until I come across somebody who is unable to do it, then it has not stood the test of time yet!

There are many more non-medicinal tips I can give people to deal with other symptoms like constipation and insomnia.

Please let me know if you live in one of the places I will be visiting, as displayed on the itinerary. Available shortly at the end of this page.

If you wish to help me organise the talk or talks in your city or you would like to help others to organise the talk(s) then please write to me as soon as possible. I do not put any financial responsibility on you or anybody else. It is all done at my own risk.

I do not charge patients or caregivers for my talks. I do ask the organisers to levy a charge at the door to cover my travel expenses to get all over the USA and Canada. In the past this cost has averaged about $6 per person attending the meetings. The only other costs involved are the rent for the venue and any advertising printing costs involved. All this will be in the hands of the organisers and they will handle all the cash and reimbursements of travel expenses. We fly coach class to save costs even though it is not all that easy to sleep on long-haul flights. People expect to be able to buy books at the meetings and my wife handles that. If we run out of books we take orders and post them the next day from South Africa, postage paid by us.

In order to keep costs down my wife and I try to stay with the organisers or somebody chosen by them. We eat anything except black pepper or chilly. These items are invariably added at the table. I have to travel with my wife because of my age (81) and other health problems, which would not be fair to the organisers if either of these other minor problems occur during my visit. I am in good health, considering my age and I still walk twenty-one kilometres every week in less than three hours . We carry full medical insurance. We are prepared to pay for all the food we eat.

We would like to be picked up at the airport and taken back afterwards. All expenses can and should be covered by the entrance fee. As a guide on this the previous organisers charged an average of around $15 per couple and a bit more for medical professionals. The average attendance at meetings was 100 people. Some were smaller and some much larger. I did more than one talk in several places. They also organised several one-hour 1-on-1 talks to patients together with their care-giver for which they charged up to $150. All money collected was handled by the organisers. We had nothing to do with money.

It is my mission to help people with Parkinson’s to live as close to a normal life, as I do.

I have had Parkinson’s symptoms since 1963 and only took medication between 1992 and 2002, since when I have been medication-free.

We also plan to visit all the countries again next year, to call at other places we missed and to places that ask for another visit.

John & Jeannette Pepper

March 2017

DayArrive CityPurpose
25 May 2017VeniceTour
28 May 2017UmbriaTalks
01 June 2017ZurichTour
08 June 2017LondonTalks
28 June 2017DublinTalks
01 July 2017New YorkTalks
08 July 2017PhiladelphiaTalks
10 July 2017BaltimoreTalks
12 July 2017WashingtonTalks
16 July 2017N CarolinaTalks
18 July 2017FloridaTalks
28 July 2017San AntonioTalks
31 July 2017San DiegoTalks
02 August 2017LATalks
10 August 2017SFTalks
17 August 2017RenoTalks
19 August 2017Salt Lake CityTalks
21 August 2017DenverTalks
25 August 2017SeattleTalks
30 August 2017Cape TownHome