Reverse Parkinson's Disease!

-Take back your life!

Do you want to improve your quality of life, when you have Parkinson's disease?

Contrary to the thoughts and advice of a large part of the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry - the progression of Parkinson's disease possibly can be reversed!

It is being done right now! You will see, if you read the following articles, the actual steps I took:

  • Medication – MAO-b Inhibitors
  • Therapy – Why Walk?
  • Stress – Stress Management
  • Diet – What and When
  • Attitude – Feeling Sorry for Myself

My name is John Pepper, and I have successfully reversed Parkinson’s disease, to the point where I no longer need to take any medication. It has now been over ten years since I last took any Parkinson's disease medication. I was Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1992, I managed to reverse Parkinson's disease and I stopped taking Parkinson's medication in 2003. With the knowledge I have gained, since I was diagnosed, I have realized that my symptoms began in the early 1960’s, when I became aware that I could not throw a ball properly.

My physical and mental condition has improved so much that other people, even my close friends, have no clue that I still have Parkinson's disease. I even had to convince a leading international research scientist and author, that I had Parkinson's disease in 1992; and after he had convinced himself, through exhaustive investigations, he could only stand in absolute amazement.

I often meet fellow Parkinson's disease sufferers, when I'm traveling on Parkinson's awareness seminars and they are in awe of the miracle they see

YES! There is HOPE...

Dear fellow Parkinson's friend,

I'm telling you this because I have lived with Parkinson's disease for nearly fifty years!

How has the improvement in my Parkinson's symptoms changed my life?...

  • I can now WALK, without shuffling!
  • I can now bring a GLASS of WINE to my mouth, without spilling it!
  • I can now SWALLOW FOOD, without choking!
  • I no longer DRIBBLE!
  • I can now SPEAK, without slurring my words.
  • I can now SING, without stopping, because I my mind goes blank!
  • I can now DRAW A STRAIGHT LINE, without any squiggles!

I can now SMILE, with the same old facial expression I had, before the Parkinson's disease took over my life!

All of the actual strategies I employed to achieve this result appear Free of Charge in the articles on this website. All you have to do is view these articles.

Why not read a blow by blow account of how it all happened, so that you can associate with what happened to me and my actual experience.

I'm well aware of the possible, terrible side effects of PD medication; namely:-

  • Dyskinesia. (Unwanted, embarrassing movements of the arms and legs, sometimes quite violent)
  • The On/Off periods of effectiveness of the medication. When you are in the ‘On’ condition, you feel as if you never had Parkinson's disease. But quite suddenly, you go into the ‘Off’ condition, which is often worse than you would have felt, if you had not taken any Parkinson's disease medication in the first place.
  • The need to take more and more medication, just to get the same effect you got in the beginning.
  • The inevitability of getting to the stage, where the medication has no effect, leaving you with nowhere to go, other than possibly having invasive brain surgery.
  • The need to regiment your life, by having to take this and that medication at fixed times of the day and night, otherwise face the consequences of not having done so.
  • Other common side effects, including nausea, giddiness, hallucinations and discomfort.

Could you possibly do the same, and reverse your Parkinson's disease?

I am not a doctor, nor have I ever had any medical training!

I am merely a Parkinson's Patient, who has had the good fortune to have been able to reverse many of his movement symptoms!

YES! You possibly can... and I urge you to follow this path!

I've seen the results of countless others, who have followed this path!

Learn how to live the only life you will ever have...and enjoy it, as I have mine:
  • By seeing your family and loved one's, while at your best, for much longer.
  • By doing all the traveling you thought you'd have to give up.
  • By regaining control of your movements, without the need for medication.
  • By regaining your self-confidence.
  • By feeling comfortable in the company of others.
  • By speaking properly again, without becoming flustered and self-conscious.
  • By being able to smile again, when you look in the mirror at that new YOU!
I, John Pepper, offer you my very own solution - the exact steps I have taken - to reverse my Parkinson's disease.

What is it that my book offers you?
  • The unique lifestyle modification protocol I use.
  • The unique Brain exercises I use.
  • The exact physical exercises I use, to reverse my Parkinson's.
  • How you will see life, when you start to feel better, and why it is important to exercise.
  • The special dietary advice I follow .
  • The knowledge of the silent killer, that you might not even be aware of.
  • How to improve your sleep, and in the process, have more energy.
  • How to focus your mind, and take back control of your movements.
  • What type of Parkinson's medication is capable of slowing down the progression of your PD, and what types aren't.

I am going to urge you again. These are the exact steps that I, John Pepper, and countless others, have followed to successfully reverse Parkinson's disease.

In all my research, which spans well over the last 20 years, and hundreds of hours of my own time - not even mentioning the countless hours other experts have put in - I have found this to be the only way I know of to successfully reverse Parkinson's disease.

My original prognosis was bleak...
  • I was destined for very bad health, and symptoms that would have been barely manageable.
  • Through taking the steps, I elaborate upon in this book, I'm just as healthy now as any other 'normal' person of my age.
  • There are no secret formulas or expensive medications to buy, on a regular basis, for which there are no guarantees.
  • You will not be told to do anything that could be harmful to you, if your doctor gives his prior approval!
  • You and your family will be glad that you have embarked on this regimen, and have put more emphasis on what you are doing, rather than on what you are taking!
I offer every one of you the exact Blueprint, that I have followed, for Reversing my Parkinson's disease.
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