More about Walking


My name is John Pepper. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1992.

Why can I walk properly, when I focus my full attention on each move?

Not having had any medical training and not being a scholar, I have to give my answer as a person with Parkinson’s disease - I don’t know!

Why is walking so important?

Here I am on safer ground! In 2006, the results of a lengthy scientific study, done in the USA, gave the answer to this question. These results were announced at the First World Parkinson’s Conference, held in Washington, DC. So why do we all not know about this important development?

Certain types of energetic exercise can slow down or even reverse Pd.

These results should be displayed on the walls of every neurologist in the world!

This was the reason why my Pd took so long to be diagnosed, in 1992, about twenty-nine years after my first symptom appeared in 1963.

Read all about this type of exercise and what I had been doing since 1970, which slowed down my Pd. My book, ‘Reverse Parkinson’s Disease’ tells my whole story, so that others can benefit from knowing what I did, in order to overcome my Pd. In a nutshell, I think that fast walking, MAO-b inhibitor medication, and stress control were responsible for my improved health! To tell the whole story in an article is just not possible.

This is the most exciting story for all Pd sufferers. It is the first story of REAL HOPE we have ever had!

The real question is:

Why don’t neurologists tell their patients about this good news? Why indeed!