Email from Atomic64 on the HealthUnlocked Blog

Hi John,

Thank you for your message. I have been reading your website for a couple of weeks now. I am completely convinced by the method you describe. I have been noticing that I can control my walk (this is before I knew I had PD) if I do what i called a "deliberate walk" with swinging arms. I do look as if I am about to conquer a country, especially if I am in boots, but who cares.

Before i knew what i had i thought 'why do i need to think about how i walk'... well, now that i know why it's actually easier. Simpler to think that the brain doesn't get engaged so I am helping with deliberate action as it cannot be automatic. I am walking far better with sticks, i.e. nordic walking as it keeps my posture up and i don't really limp. I am keeping a journal of exercises to see what feels the best. Swimming is great, as is yoga, as is boxing. 

The only piece of advice of yours (that i have read on your website) I will have trouble with is reducing stress, in this case at work. I have a job which i cannot walk away from yet as i have kids who will need some support for a few more years. On the other hand, doing research for my PhD on the side gives me the relaxation i need and intellectual stimulus you also mention as required.