Why do Doctors Not Tell Us about Fast Walking?

To be fair to doctors, this is all new to Medical Science and does not get taught in Medical School.

In practice, it is my opinion that it is not in the BUSINESS INTERESTS of the Medical World to find a CURE for any Chronic medical condition? If they did find a cure, it would be bad for the Pharmaceutical Industry and it would reduce the numbers of patients needing constant medical help to treat only symptoms and not interfere with the progression of the ailment.

The scientists only get paid for looking for ways to TREAT the SYMPTOMS of chronic illnesses. Therefore, such conditions as POLIO and many other killer conditions, there are vaccinations to prevent you from getting them and medications to make you better if you have them.

To emphasize this last point:

How long did it take, after COVID-19 started to kill THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, did scientists come up with a vaccination to prevent others from catching it and another medication to make those who have it, better? The answer was less than a few months. The same thing happened in the past for EBOLA, HIV, Polio, SARS, and several other killer diseases.  I rest my case!

We don’t yet have a cure for the common cold after more than 70 years supposedly looking for it!

We can send Men to the MOON, but cannot find a cure for the common cold!