Email from Greg Maier


Dear Mr. Pepper,


I don't know who this message was intended for; it went out to a number of people, many of whom must surely have your book and, like my wife and I, have read and re-read it and have found great hope and strength in your story.


My beloved has PD, and she was "succumbing," depressed, but I made it my mission to be her biggest "cheerleader,"

her "coach," helper --rather than bog down in the known, quotidian and depressing "realities" one often sees so much of, part of my quest was to find inspirational books by PwP that told of success. Two in particular --John Ball's "Running Hard" and yours-- have made a world of difference!! My Love has been riding her bicycle like crazy, doing Pilates and a little work with weights, and in months she has improved so much!! She frequently tells me that even on hard days she simply recalls your advice to just think about what she is doing, and that when she focuses she has --on these days-- no limp, no trouble using her left hand or, at least, not so much as she might...


"Thank you" doesn't seem to be enough, Mr. Pepper...I've only scratched the surface, but your words and willingness to share your experiences and advice and thoughts has really helped make a WORLD of difference for my wife, for us, and has fueled new determination, hope and optimism. I may one day be her caretaker if I live so long (she was diagnosed at 40 but had symptoms since her mid-30s), but until then I am her yoga and Feldenkrais partner and supporter :) It isn't always easy, but she's gotten much stronger and, so far, has surprised her neurologist. I won't yet claim she has rolled back her symptoms but I think she is getting there because she has indubitably stalled them!! That is, she is not getting worse.


I wish I had another copy of your book because I would post it to you and humbly request your signature and/or a little inscription, it is that important to us and has been such a boon in the "wilderness" --but my Love reads from it every day, certain passages she has marked, and she doesn't like being without it LOL


We're in California and I know you're in South Africa; I don't know about your desire for privacy, but if I purchased another copy of your wonderful book, would you have any reservations about inscribing it to my wife --or even just signing it? It sure would mean a lot.


In any case, we think you are great, a true triumph, and we are pleased to be on your e-mail list and to have your wisdom in our lives with PD which, as the saying goes, my wife may have --but it does not have her ;-)


Very best regards to you and RSA!




Greg Maier