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Hi I met John in 2011 after a friend of a friend gave me his contact no. I have had Parkinson\'s disease for approximately 16 years. At the time, we both lived in Johannesburg (South Africa) and after I phoned John to ask for advice, he came to visit me at my home. Only later did I find out that his wife Shirley had passed away 2 days prior to his visit. John is not only very inspirational speaker but also translates knowledge into practical advice due to his own struggle with this brutal condition. I have known John for 4 years now and would recommend that if any one who suffers with Parkinson\'s disease does have the opportunity to meet him, they should!

John is a remarkable human being who has tirelessly and stoically advocated an integrated approach to the management of Parkinson\'s disease. John, I have been one of the fortunate few to have met you and seen for myself what your approach can achieve. I wish you well on your tour - may GOD\'S grace be with you. Roland Weber