Letter from Wilna Jeffery

P.O.Box 650413, Benmore, 2011 South Africa.

09 May 2008

Dear John,

Your book inspired me so much that I joined ‘Walk for Life’ back in 2003, due to the emphasis you placed on the importance of exercise. I still do my Walk for Life, and I still play regular golf, although, at the time of first meeting you, I was going to give it up, because of the shocking way I was playing.

Your inspiration made me take a hard look at my lifestyle and I have not looked back since. I still take only three Stalevo pills per day, and am still able to play my golf, play regular bridge with my friends, and live a perfectly normal life.

So, after being face to face with you, on three separate occasions, my whole attitude towards Pd has changed into something very positive. My family and friends have all remarked on my improvement, since my first meeting with you. You have given me the courage to live a perfectly normal life, despite Parkinson’s, and the confidence to face this condition head-on and not let it get the better of me.

You shared your experiences with me, and in doing so, I found that the tremor in the hand, the aching muscles and the dragging foot, which tripped over the smallest obstacles, were no reason to give up on life! I have searched very hard to see these symptoms in you, but have failed. You have fought and won the battle, and it has given me such hope to do the same.

You taught me two vital lessons. The first was how to walk properly, in order to prevent the dragging foot. The second was how to hold a glass with confidence, without spilling its contents, not that I am a great drinker. You are extremely approachable and natural, and I have felt very comfortable asking you many of my unanswered questions, to which you have given very knowledgeable, yet heartfelt answers, as you have truly experienced what I am going through.

Not only has my physical being improved tremendously, but my mind is that much more alert too. Thank you John Pepper!

Yours Sincerely,

Wilna Jeffery.