Email from Zoe Hall

13th October 2011

Dear John

I am sorry to bombard you with e-mails every day, but I really have to tell you my news, especially as I think you have played a part in helping me to get this far!!!

I went to see Dr Gardiner yesterday who is my neurologist and I see him every 6 months. He was so pleased with me that I could not resist bombarding you with yet another e-mail.

Just about everything about me has improved since I last saw him. I have put on weight ( very good in my case as I have been painfully thin at times ) my blood pressure is the perfect blood pressure ( very good as it has been way too low) I am generally much better. And wait for this, "MY WALKING IS LOOKING BETTER!!"

He said that I must keep up walking and doing Pilates and tai Chi. I really feel that Tai Chi is helping me too, so this comes highly recommended by me. I think they have adapted the normal program for me, as they see that my problems are a bit different from the standard problems.

I am really having a lot of fun Doing it and please don't make me mad in the future as I can pack a mean punch!

Love Zoe