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 13th October 2011

Hi John,

I purchased the Kindle version of your book and gave my first book review at giving it five stars, it reads as follows:


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This review is from: Reverse Parkinson's Disease (Kindle Edition)

Having struggled with PD now in my 7th year, I found a very frank man in John Pepper... telling his struggle, and his findings. His findings resonate with my experience. If I had listened blindly to my neurologists, way back when, I would be struggling with the side-effects of various toxic medications. Doing a bit of homework I took a chance on what seemed to hold out a good benefit (the delay of progression) with what appeared to have side-effects compared to the placebo effect. The drug John uses is Selegiline. I started with Azilect. Both are MAOB inhibitors. That combined with a defined exercise program has given John a reversing of symptoms. I have taken azilect consistently for over 5 years--one month before being legal to purchase domestically. I dabbled with sinemet as well as mucuna pruriens (an herbal source of levodopa) and believe that the best medicine is love, exercise, a wise and healthy lifestyle with, dare I say, a faith in a higher healing power, and for my present use of the MAOB-inhibitor. John appears to represent such qualities...such thirst for healing truth. And wow!...his symptoms arising 45 years ago!
Please excuse my lack of skill in editing this review. I've read many books and a few from those who make great claims. This is my first review of a book that rings soundly of integrity,and I'm greatful to be his first reviewer. Thank you John for the willingness to speak your truth despite how stressors can easily hurt. As my dyslexic friend would say, doG Bless you!

ps the book could have been better formatted in kindle version...but the content deserves 5 stars and two thumbs up.