Email#1 from Dr Michael W. Jakowec PhD


Dear John,

In the midst of cleaning up my computer email list I came across your letter. It was lost in a file with several thousand other emails. So please excuse this rather dramatic delay.

I read your letter with great interest. In our lab we continue to pursue the role of intensive exercise in influencing brain function. In this case we are interested in both the symptomatic and possible disease modifying ability of treadmill running in PD. A component we are beginning to better understand is the importance of engagement, attention, and learning in drawing benefits from the exercise paradigms we use. We use both the mouse model as well as patients with PD. In the last year we have published new findings in both subjects. Also, we are about to publish other findings including the fact that using a very novel PET imaging ligand called Fallypride we are able to demonstrate that intensive treadmill exercise in patients with PD actually elevates their levels of the dopamine D2 receptor. We are now trying to figure out what is the mechanisms for this and its molecular relevance. I would be happy to send you some of these articles if you are interested. Also, I would be very intrigues to read your book.

I often talk with patients and scientist about the role of exercise in PD and recognize the importance of real-life situations that help drive our studies in the lab. I am happy to pay for it or send you something else in exchange (an Obama t-shirt?).

I hope you are in good health and I look forward to hearing form you. I shall reply much faster next time.

Regards, Michael

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