Email from Shelley Hultberg 


Dear John

To my amazement my first contact with you was two years ago.  I was already set up for exercise since I’d started on Strong Women Stay Young  a couple of years before that to help with my ‘lack of balance’.  Then the tremor showed up and I was referred to you by Mally Macarty and I read your book—all the way through.  The most astonishing thing for me was the list of many things attributable to Mr P (as I call my formidable opponent).  I also added Pilates to my regimen and found a grand Pilates trainer in Malmesbury (one who doesn’t think Pilates is the only thing to do.)

 And you should see me now.  My previous physical therapist is astonished and says  I walk like a normal person five years younger.  My husband says I am graceful (I like that better).  I think my body looks a bit like Madonna with a little less muscle and a little more plump and a lot more sag (I’m 75).  I set a goal to maintain what I had but instead I have actually improved.  I have taken your advice and been immensely pleased.

 And you are right.  The neurologists (I’ve been to three) Just are not interested in the exercise aspects.  I don’t know why but perhaps we are still dealing with a bunch of doctors who were trained in the no movement period.

 I cannot imagine what it must be like for you these last weeks/months.  Your sadness (depression sounds so permanent) is palpable.  What may I do to help?  For one thing I am taking your book down to Louise Coetzee, my Pilates instructor. Can’t think why I didn’t do so before.  I wonder if she might have some thoughts about exercise especially for you.  So if you hear from her you will know from whence she comes.

 Let me hear from you.

Very bestest